Simply Jess

Simply Jess, Miami’s #1 Nightlife promoter

Through the years, we have been able to know Simply Jess through the art of marketing and promotion. We’ve seen her work shape, mold and transform the Miami night scene into what it is today, and now we get to experience her work on a totally different platform, canvas.

From the moment Simply Jess was taught what to do with a pencil, she has been engulfed by the powers of the creative world. Her gift to draw has been a therapeutic outlet of herssince she was a little girl, helping her get through her toughest adversities and enhancing her growth as an artist.

Everything about her Colombian roots, inspires the concepts within her work. Being fierce, independent and sexy are some of the traits displayed through her pieces, making her work a strong image for female voice.

The idea of feminism and power pushes through all of her art, displaying creativity and strength. We as women fight on a daily basis to been seen and heard, and Simply Jess represents that in the upmost fashion.

You can see the beauty andconfidence of women is detailed through every brush stroke and you can captured through every photo.  Simply Jess’ work stems from the fact that deep within every woman, there’s a bosswaiting to take charge and control in ways that a man can’t. Her feminist life style comes alive through art form, giving women a platform to show off their sexuality, desires and bossiness, all the while showing women that you don’t have to be afraidto express yourself. 

Simply Jess embodies her art, making it easy to get to know her through her work.

Her years of being around the fashion industry through modeling and being mentored by her fashion designer brother, has all lead her to this stage in her artistic journey. Since her very first public debut during Art Basel 2014, the art and fashion industry has welcomed Simply Jess, allowing her to be a unique staple throughout Art Basel.

Following the success of this year’s gallery, Simply Jess hopes to develop her work and art into a national brand. Her history with the entertainment industry and her love for art and women alike makes it easy for Simply Jess to captivate the world through her fashion, photography, home decor and more, all while giving back and creating platforms for other women to express themselves through art.

Her fight for feminism and female expression is one of the key inspirations that brings all of Simply Jess’ work to life. Her role as a feminist is fluent throughout her lifestyle and art. Simply Jess uses her art as a vessel to give back to other women and continuing to help other women tap into their creative outlets through working with The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade.

Simply Jess’, crazy, sexy and fearless work makes her pieces inspiring to women, solidifying her place as an artist. 

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